in·cep·tion [in-sep-shuuhn] (noun): beginning; origin; commencement.

It didn’t take long after being exposed to gourmet food trucks for husband and wife team David and Maggie Porcher to realize that they wanted a food truck to be in their entrepreneurial future. It matched their on-the-go, fast-paced personalities and would give them an opportunity to interact with the people they were serving. David, who started his first of two service-industry business well before his high school graduation, had grown tired of doing a business that didn’t involve much personal interaction with his customers. But the pair knew a food truck would allow them to work directly with their patrons and watch their faces as they had their first bites. They loved the personal, community feel that food trucks allow.


Settling the decision of what to serve was just as easy. Being health-conscious athletes (who also aren’t against an occasional indulgence), David and Maggie often found themselves taking a journey to get some frozen yogurt. But that was the problem—it took a journey to get frozen yogurt. While ice cream shops abound in their hometown, frozen yogurt was an inconvenient car trip away. Similarly, festivals, fairs, and farmers markets were replete with prepackaged ice cream sandwiches and sugar-loaded popsicles, but frozen yogurt was absent. So they decided to bring the live and active cultures to the people! What better way than on a mobile food truck?


Nowadays, the frozen yogurt business is easy to get into—too easy. Franchise options are plentiful, and fro yo suppliers are at easy access. But the FYI team wanted more than mass-produced, preservative-laden products or a name they could buy into. If they were going to put their blood, sweat, and tears (don’t worry—not literally) into their business, they wanted a yogurt supplier with that same passion. 


Seek and ye shall find.. Their research led them to a wonderful family owned and operated business right here in Austin, Texas! White Mountain Pure Foods Company makes a fantastic, high-quality, non-fat Bulgarian Yogurt we use to handcraft our own perfect frozen yogurt flavors. 


After 2 crazy but successful seasons in their beloved Chicagoland, they are so excited to serve the great people of Austin!